Musician Biography No.2 – Pachelbel

Posted: กรกฎาคม 15, 2013 in Biography
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Have ever heard Canon in D before? That’s a very famous sing composed by Johann Pachelbel. He brought south German music to the peak and wrote many songs like fugue, prelude, choral songs, etc.

The note of Canon in D major.


Childhood and Studying

Johann Pachelbel was born in 1653 in Nuremberg. The definite his birthday is unknown, only thing we can know is baptized day, 1 September.

In childhood, Pachelbel studied music from Heinrich Schwemmer, who would become the cantor of St. Sebaldus Church. He received primary education in St. Lorenz Hauptschule and the Auditorio Aegediano in Nuremberg. Then on 1669 he became a student of University of Altdorf.


In 1673, Pachelbel became organist in Saint Stephen Cathedral in Vienna. At that time, Vienna was the center of Habsburg Empire and also the center of importance of western music. He moved to Eisenach in 1677, where he worked as a court organist in Kapellmeister Daniel Berlin in the employ of Johann Georg I Duke of Saxe-Eisenach , in this time he met Bach family and became a close friend with Johann Ambrosius Bach (Johann Sebastian Bach‘s father).

In 1678, Pachelbel was employed as an organist and a music teacher in Predigerkirche in Erfurt.

Last years

He move to Wurttemberg and became an court musician and organist in 1690. Unfortunately, in two years later, he had to escaped from the French attacks of the War of the Grand Alliance. His got his next job in Gotha in 1692.

Pachelbel lived the rest of his life in Nuremberg.


Pachelbel married Barbara Gabler, daughter of the Stadt-Major of Erfurt, on 25 October 1681. They had only son. Unfortunately, his first wife and his son died in 1683 during a plague.

He married Judith Drommer, daughter of a coppersmith, on 24 August 1684. They had five sons and two daughters. Two of the sons became organ composers; the latter move to American colonies. Another son became an instrument maker and traveled to London and Jamaica. One of daughters was later known as painter and engraver.

Final years

Pachelbel died at the age of 52 in 3 March 1706. Pachelbel was the last important south German composer.


Pachelbel didn’t make much influence to most of the famous Baroque composers and later such as Handel, Scarlatti, etc. Except for J.S. Bach indirectly, who was tutored from his brother, who studied from Pachelbel.


In many Pachelbel’s compositions, Canon in D major is the most known. It is scored for three violins and basso continuo. This song is applied for many modern musics. He also wrote many keyboard songs too. He wrote for manuals only, pedals aren’t needed.



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